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Approved exporter status

Movement certificates EUR 1, EUR-MED and A.TR.

The Customs and Monopolies Agency (ADM) has published on its website the protocol note 91956 / RU concerning the issue of movement certificates EUR 1, EUR-MED and A.TR. The Agency, with the note in question, ruled out the possibility of resorting to the usual pre-certification of said certificates, a practice deemed no longer suitable for the simplifications envisaged for the issuance of proofs of origin.The certification system of proofs of origin, within the EU, is moving towards self-declarations made by the exporter as occurred in the most recent trade agreements (South Korea – Japan – Canada).

The free trade agreements with the aforementioned countries no longer provide for the issue of the EUR 1 movement certificate, but only the qualification of authorized exporter (South Korea) and REX registered exporter (Japan and Canada) as a preferential proof of origin of the goods. If the self-declaration system is not used, the export planning will have to take into account the time required (informally we are talking about times ranging from four to ten days) for the issue of the movement certificates EUR 1, EUR-MED and A .TR.

According to the ordinary procedure; substantially, in order to request a certificate it will be necessary to present, from time to time, the individual proofs of origin, which will be subject to direct assessment by the customs officer in charge. Once obtained, the qualifications of authorized exporter drastically reduce customs clearance times and exclude the danger of untrue declarations (which can also be prosecuted afterwards): it will no longer be necessary to present proofs of origin to customs for each individual export. the issuance of the respective certificates. The granting of approved exporter status is conditional on the submission of a written application from the exporter.

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